Reflex Packaging (Thailand) offer OEMS and their distributors every packaging solution available. We are the industry leader in thermoformed cushions made from recycled plastic.

Reflex® Cushions are the industry standard for recycled plastic cushions. We understand that by intelligently designing our cushions, we can save our customers thousands of dollars. How is this possible?

Reflex significantly improves your customer's OOBE. Your product looks more professionally protected and your customers knows you care about the environment. All for the same cost or less than the foam alternatives on the market.

Reflex® Cushions

Reflex® cushions offer top level protection to Ensure that your products shipments arrive at The customer intact.

Transportation Tray

Support Automotive components/ Aerospace/ Marine/ Displays and other Large size products.

Functional Material

From the same vacuum forming process, we are also able to produce caps / protectors that protects a part of customer’s value during transportation or in-process handling.

Conventional Packaging

We also design and supply the solution in accordance with your requirements.

ESD Tray

Reflex Packaging offers various type of ESD solutions, including Conductive Box, Conductive Tray, Anti-static Tray, and Anti-static Foam. These are suitable for transportation and in-process handling of Electrostatic-sensitive components, such as PCB, USB, Sensors & etc.,.