Reflex® Cushion

Our Flagship Recycled Content Cushion,
Reflex® Cushion, is the industry standard for recycled plastic cushions.


Reflex Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a 1-stop shop for Packaging Design, Testing Prototyping, Material, Global Support for your Packaging Needs. We think globally, and act locally.


Reflex® Cushion realizes 3R of sustainable approach from the manufacturing process until material usage. Reflex® Cushion is Recyclable, Reusable and Reducible.

Company Introduce

Reflex Packaging is a full-packaging solutions provider and the industry leader in Thermoformed Cushioning Solutions. With global and local services and capabilities, Reflex Packaging (Thailand) Co. Ltd has its headquarters in California, USA.

Since November 2021, Reflex Packaging has been part of Nefab Group – Global Packaging and Logistics Services Provider