Policy & CSR



Quality Policy

“The quality policy supports our mission statement.”
"To promote innovative spirit through quality & environmental-in-all-we-do philosophy with a total company effort and commitment to comply with relevant legal and continuous improvement"

Environmental Policy

“ We aim to continually contribute environment protection through includes” 6 R
R1 = Reduction
– No waste energy, material, fuel
R2 = Recycle
– To encourage recycled contents material i.e.,Reflex
R3 = Reuse
– To put effort on reusing the resources, i.e.,Returnable Box
R4 = Refuse
– To avoid hazardous material or element, i.e, PVC,or RoHS Non-compliance Material.
R5 = Research
– To research scrapped material process
R6 = Regulation compliance – To comply with the relevant environmental legislation

Occupational health, safety and work environment Policy

  • Safety is the first priority of employees’ responsibility.
  • The company shall establish the organization for safety management of all the company.
  • The company shall promote improvement in working conditions and working environment for safety of employees.
  • The company shall promote all safety activities so that the employees become to be conscious of safety.
  • The company shall promote finding out unsafe condition and endeavor to prevent such accident and disaster caused by it.
  • The company shall promote employee to have knowledge on safety at work.
  • All management, who must be good models and leaders in safety activities, shall provide training for his/her subordinates and encourages them to work safely.
  • All employees shall be cautious in his/her safety at work as well as safety of co-worker and the company’s property during all his/her working time.
  • All employees shall contribute to improvement in safety through his/her cooperation on all safety activity of the company and they have the right to propose his/her idea to improve conditions at work and working method for their safety.
  • The company shall regularly evaluate results of safety activity in accordance with this policy.
The company believes that “safety and health are the basic of all company’s activities and they come from good nature of the company”. This idea is recognized as starting point of safety activity. The company will fix the philosophy that “safety is the first priority over all”, and build up the culture which practice it as code of conduct.

5S Policy

All people in the company shall be participated in 5S management, by using 5S System for development of workplace and work disciplines.By establishing good working environment with clean and safe, we increase efficiency of the process and reduce MUDA to lead better quality of the products as well as healthy workplace.

Energy Saving Policy

  1. The company will do energy saving by add in all activities and follow on the requirement of energy law.
  2. The company will develop and improve in efficiency to use energy in all activities strictly and continuously.
  3. The company will set up plan and target of energy every year and communication to all member for acknowledge and correct follow up.
  4. The energy saving is commitment of the company that it is responsibility of all person and all position for follow on saving energy standard and monitoring and report about energy matter to the saving energy committee.
  5. The company will support necessary things for energy saving project such as man, budget, time, training and participant of all member for energy development.
  6. The company will set up yearly management review for energy policy, energy target and energy plan.

Policy management of HIV / AIDS in the workplace.

  1. The company will encourage employees with knowledge and understand information about AIDS correctly. The company will provide staff training on HIV / AIDS at all levels. And ongoing activities. By integration of activities to develop personal knowledge of the organization plan. Security plan. Occupational health and working environment. Plan, including the promotion of health such as stress, alcohol, drugs,reproductive health. The relevant links lead to HIV infection the process of consultation on HIV / AIDS. The company will take into account the differences in sexual attitudes and risk factors of HIV / AIDS and programs designed specifically for each group. Including staff have the opportunity to access or to provide condoms easily and conveniently.
  2. The company will treat employees and job applicants equally. Without forcing the employees and job seekers need to make HIV / AIDS, but will encourage the voluntary AIDS tests. Without reporting the company to know. As well as to encourage consultation before and after the AIDS tests.
  3. The company will promote the right to personal privacy. Employees who know that HIV infection does not need to notify the company reports and reports on the health care of employees is personal information. The company has kept the secret carefully. Disclosure of confidential information will be made only when the consent is written by staff only.
  4. The company will support employees who were ill with AIDS or chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others to work as usual. By medical evidence indicating that working conditions are not harmful to health. And safety of employees who were ill with AIDS or chronic illnesses the employees who were ill with AIDS or chronic illnesses. Must be encouraged to continue to work. Or if doctors recommended rest. The clinical evidence of. And if the company fired employees who were ill with AIDS or chronic diseases. These employees will be protected by law.
  5. The company will provide fair and equitable to consider the various benefits and welfare, as well as the opportunity for career advancement for all employees. Without discrimination against any person. Although employees will be impaired by the draft or have health problems.
  6. The company will consider providing assistance to employees who were ill with AIDS and can not continue to perform. This is to alleviate the suffering of employees and their families. Continue to live without trouble or a burden to society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Policy

Objective :
To reduce environmental impact and natural resources conservation, promotion safety & health activities and social responsibility.

CSR Policy :

1. Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation
1.1 Control and reduce CO2 for emission into the environment.
1.2 Reduction for energy, material, fuel from production an other processes such as encourage recycled contents material or reuse for returnable Box
1.3 Refuse and avoid hazardous material or element in the production process and other process that have no adverse environmental impact and legal Non-compliance 
1.4 Try to develop and design the production process, machinery, equipment and those products that have no adverse environmental impact and to Natural Resources Conservation.

2. Take care and promote workplace safety and hygiene activities.
2.1 The company shall establish the organization for safety management of all the company.
2.2 The company shall promote improvement in working conditions and working environment for safety of employees.
2.3 The company shall promote all safety activities so that the employees become to be conscious of safety.
2.4 Identify methods to prevent and reduce work - relate accidents and injuries among employees, contractors and external stakeholders.
2.5 The company shall promote employee to have knowledge on safety at work.

3. Social Responsibility
3.1 Comply with all related work standards and international agreements to either prevent or reduce any possible adverse impacts.
3.2 Provide support to communities around RXT's plants such as received native labor to work.
3.3 Promote a dialogue between RXT and the surrounding communities as a channel to receive their issues and concerns about projects that may.

CSR Structure

Strengthening Governance

Reflex Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd pays important attention towards CSR activities and we have established a section of internal controls, strengthened governance and management efficiency. We have firm guidelines on the environment, compliance, risk man

Business Continuity Planning

We have South East Asia co-operation manufacturing at :

- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Philippines

We are same standardize and integrate of quality, environment and operation system. Then we can support and supply product for your ordering.

So trusting us to take care of you.